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One of the most trusted names in Real Estate is also one of the most trusted names in business and commercial property sales. We offer the strength of an international company with 450 worldwide offices and over 4,000 commercial associates!

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The Coldwell Banker name is recognized worldwide as a leader in all aspects of commercial real estate.

Our experienced and talented staff members, who average in excess of twenty years of business experience each, are dedicated to helping buyers buy a business and sellers to sell a business in a professional and confidential manner.
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Coldwell Banker

We are a specialty business broker in Naples, Florida
Our team of business brokers in Southwest Florida are dedicated to matching Buyers and Sellers in the most professional, confidential manner with the most experienced and talented brokers in the business brokering field.

As a specialty business brokers in Naples, Florida, we can represent you as a buyer coming to SW Florida from anywhere in the US, Europe, Asia or right here in Naples.

Buying a business in Southwest Florida: our staff is here to help you evaluate those businesses that are available and find the best business for you to buy. If you are a Seller we are here to help you sell, by finding qualified buyers for your business. Please call for a confidential interview.
RELOCATING? We Can Also Find a Home For You and Your Family!
Our First Goal:
To put you, the business buyer, in the driver's seat of the business that will provide you and your family with the ideal Southwest Florida lifestyle.
If you are from outside the US this could involve getting the various types of visas required to do business in Florida and the United States.
Our Second Goal
As "The ideal Southwest Florida lifestyle" requires a place for you and your family to live, you have definitely come to the right place. Coldwell Banker is also a top name in Real Estate. The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Network can find you a rental home while you are getting established and / or help you buy your dream home.

We Are Not Just a Business Brokerage - We Are Relocation Specialists!
Overseas Buyers: There are unusually good opportunities right now in Southwest Florida
Many great opportunities are opening up right now to relocate your business skills to sunny, subtropical Southwest Florida. Hit the ground running by buying an established, operating Florida business. You can change your lifestyle and your life at the same time - and we can help you.

We can even help you Get an E-2, or L-1,EB-1 OR EB-5 visa. There has never been a better time to buy a Florida business - do it now while conditions are optimum.
Buy a Florida Business - Florida's Tax Advantages are Amongst the Best in the US
"Florida ranks among the best states for business and entrepreneurs because of its pro-business state tax policies and competitive cost of doing business. The state is proud of its competitive and targeted financial advantages. "

Competitive Cost of Doing Business: "Florida offers a cost-efficient alternative to other competitive high-tech states. Put simply, land, labor, and capital are more affordable in Florida than in California, New York, or Texas. In addition, for businesses in certain targeted industries, the state offers additional incentives. Businesses looking for workforce training, road infrastructure or specialized locations, may also qualify for specific incentive programs."

Read the whole Story at eFlorida.com

buy business


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